Monday, January 11, 2010

Poppin' Pastels and Chalkboard Technique......

This week I chose to share with you a really simple technique using a Versamark pad and your chalks!

First you want to stamp your image in Versamark.  Using a cotton ball or sponge dauber, apply your chalk color to your stamped image, blowing off the excess as you go.  When you're done, erase any undesired chalk residue with a white eraser.  You can spray a fixative to set the chalk or hairspray which is what I used! 

Here's a card using Versamark and Craf-T Products chalk.

Here's another card using the same basic technique as above, instead this time I used a white ink pad and black paper.

Here's a link to a video tutorial for the first card.
Poppin' Pastels Technique

And here's a link to a video tutorial for the second card.
Chalkboard Technique

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