Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Layout of the Week 2/27/13 - Jo Luty

The choice this week was quite easy for me....As soon as I opened the gallery, this "chopped" challenge entry caught my eye! I love everything about the layout, especially the colors! Beautiful layout Jo and congratulations on having Layout of the Week this week!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Up Monday 2/25/2013

We are finishing out our month of recipes this week...lots of yummy goodness can be found in these challenges:

On Technique Tuesday, Tamara asked us to use a halo(an open circle)  on our layout. 

For What's New Wednesday, Cassy used a Trifle dessert as an inspiration and asked us to recreate those layers and include at least three layers of papers or journaling spots and use 5+ different fonts in a long title. 

Toss Up Thursday gave us this cute banner challenge from Michelle.  Isn't this a fun banner she made?

For Friday's Focus, Jo asked us not to burn our cookies and asked us to use a clock or timer on our layout or project:

On Sketchy Saturday, Annette gave us this sketch from pagemaps:

and told us to use it as it our recipe...and spice it up if we want to.

To end out week, Annie gave us this poster from Facebook:

and asked us to use this Recipe for TRUE
Use the poster above for inspiration
Use 2 + photos (one how others see you or your love one and one of who you/they really are)
Use to 2 + Pattern Papers
Use Glitter/Glitter tape somewhere on the layout
Use on Flair badge or button 

We hope you enjoyed this week's recipes and are having a great time creating!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Layout of the Week 2/20/2013

This week's Layout of the Week was chosen by Master Chef Challenge Team member Annette:

"This week, the honor of Layout of the Week goes to Barb Prendergast! I love how the colors she used look sharp but yet soft. Great choice of colors, Barb! They look great together. The layering is fantastic, too. The print around the outside edge makes a great frame around the layout. It all comes together very well, and the embellishments make it pop. So hats off this week to Barb!"

You can see Barb's layout, as well as the wonderful work done by all of our members, at the Cookin' Up Creations gallery. And be sure to check out this week's Blue Plate Special challenges, too!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Make Up Monday -- 2/18/2013

Here at Cookin' Up Creations, we're having fun this month with "New Recipes for Scrappin'". Our daily Blue Plate Specials are recipe challenges and are sure to stir up your creativity!

Here's a recap of the past week's challenges:

On Technique Tuesday, Cassy shared a recipe for making homemade marshmallows (a must-try for sure), along with a challenge to use something fluffy (like a marshmallow), as well as something brown (like a toasted marshmallow) and to create a chevron border. Here is her lovely example:

For What's New Wednesday, Michelle used the components of decorating a cake to build her challenge: to use decorative borders, letters, flowers and two different patterns on our project. Here is her beautifully decorated example:

On Toss Up Thursday, Jo took a note from bakers of the past and asked us to use baker's twine on our projects.  And here is her beautifully wrapped example:

On Focus Friday, Annette asked us to use a recipe-style index card with  tab (the kind that you find in recipe boxes) for our journaling, along with a handmade journaling label. Here is her adorable example:

Annie brought us Sketchy Saturday, with a sketch from ScrapFriendsShe also asked us to conjour up our own recipe of "Love Potion #9" by using nine different embellishments and photos of people we love on our layout. And here is her love-ly example:

Sunday's Inspiration came from Barb, who asked us to visit The Color Rooms and choose a palette for our project. Here is Barb's colorful example, using a palette of red, light blue, green and teal:

You still have plenty of time to join in the February Blue Plate Special challenges on the Cookin' Up Creations forum! The deadline is March 3, and each challenge that you complete will give you one entry into this month's Dessert Tray prize drawing. So .... let's get cookin'!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Layout of the Week - 2/13/12

I love this layout. I love how Cassy used the arrows to bring attention to the photo. I also really like the arrow with the heart. I love all the layers she created on this layout.

Thanks Cassy for Inspiring Us!!!

Cassy has an album full of  fabulous layout over on the forum be sure to stop by a check it out Here

Her her is so amazing & inspiring. I love her style!!

Congratulations Cassy on having the Layout of the week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Make Up Monday -- February 11, 2013

Our February theme is "Let's Get Cookin' -- New Recipes for Scrappin'!" A little of this and a little of that along with a pinch or two for the just right look.

Here's a recap of the past week's challenges:

On Technique Tuesday, Michelle asked us to use Bling as the special ingredient for a new recipe(layout/card) and share how we used it. Here is Michelle's example:

On What's New Wednesday, Jo had us thinking about Sugar Cookies and Banners. The challenge was to create a banner of hearts. These could be a room decoration or maybe a banner of hearts across your layout. Here is  Jo's example:

On Toss Up Thursday, Annette asked us to create two Valentine's Day cards for this challenge. Her recipe called for layers and at least 3 hearts added to your cards, layout or project. If you are not a card 
Here are Annette's examples: 

On Focus Friday, Annie asked us to focus on colors and embellishments (toppings) for the recipe for this challenge. Her recipe may be found here

Here is her example:

On  Sketchy Saturday, Barb asked us to create with Sugar and Spice with her challenge. Her sugar included bling, glitter or buttons; and for spice, a flourish of some kind She used this sketch from
 Nuts About Sketches

Here is her example: 

And for our Sunday Inspiration, Tamara asked us to find inspiration from magazine ads. Here sample ads can be found here

And here is the layout example that Tamara created:

And this week, we also have an Hors d'oeuvres Tray challenge from Cassy: Create a layout, two cards, or four ATC's that include the color red, arrows, and confetti sprinkles. Here is her example:

If you haven't sampled the Blue Plate Specials already, please join us on the Cookin' Up Creations forum for our daily challenges. You'll have until March 3 to complete them, and each completed challenge earns you an entry into the Dessert Tray drawing for the monthly prize. If you're not already a member, it's easy to sign up. Come on over and join us! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Layout of the Week 02/06/2013

I chose this stunning layout by PATTI  as this week's Layout of the Week. I love the simplicity of the design, the colors and textures, the creative banner -- in short, pretty much everything about it! 

Patti's work never ceases to amaze me. Congratulations on Layout of the Week! 

Please go to our Cookin' Up  Creations Gallery and leave Patti some love!

And be sure to stop by the Forum and join in this month's Blue Plate Specials. We're featuring "recipe challenges" all month long. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Make Up Monday - 2/4/13

February we are stirring things up over at the Cookin' Up Creations forum.

We all use recipes. Some are passed down for generations, others are found on the internet and some are seen on our favorite cooking show.  

This month we are using recipes to create wonderful projects and challenges.  We have recipes to challenge you to create your own amazing projects.  A couple of scrapbook papers, a flower or two, perhaps a pinch of wood veneers. Who knows what you’ll find.

Join us over at the forum for all the delicious, creative recipes.

We start off with Focus Friday 2/1/13 Three Ingredients   By Tamara

Tamara asked us to use 3 ingredients to create our projects. They are simple but fantastic.
1. Use an inanimate object as your focus photo(s).
2. Use the color brown along with another color.
3. Make word strips for your journaling.

Here is her sample for this recipe.

On Sketchy Saturday 2/2/13 Chopped by Tammy

Tammy was inspired by the TV show Chopped on Food Network.  

On the show the chefs are given a mystery basket with several ingredients in it. The chefs have to create amazing food. Here Tammy has given you the super cool sketch by Creative Scrappers Blogspot along with 10 other mystery ingredients that she will assign to you.(They are from your stash but, she will tell you which ones to use). 

Possible List of Mystery Ingredients
1.  Buttons
2. Ribbon
3. Brads (reg. or mini)
4. Eyelets
5. Twine/Jute
6. Washi Tape
7. Shapes (circles, Squares, etc.)
8. Flowers
9. Distress Ink
10. Mists/Sprays/Splatter

 This way everyone who does this challenge will create something truly different.

Sketch by Creative Scrappers

Here is her Super Cool Sample. She used the sketch and these mystery ingredients: buttons, twine, shapes and mists.

On Inspiration Sunday 2/3/13 Food Photography by Cassy

Inspired by food photography and all the tricks of the trade that are used to capture a beautiful looking meal in a picture.  Cassy challenges us to create a project with 3 layers, 1 Polaroid and a camera embellishment. Also to make your embellishments pop.

She also provides a quick tutorial on how to make your Polaroid. Stop by the Cookin Up Creations forum for all the details.

A sample of a layered polaroid.

Here is her Amazing sample.

I hope that you will join us in the challenges and remember to post your creations in the gallery.