Monday, February 4, 2013

Make Up Monday - 2/4/13

February we are stirring things up over at the Cookin' Up Creations forum.

We all use recipes. Some are passed down for generations, others are found on the internet and some are seen on our favorite cooking show.  

This month we are using recipes to create wonderful projects and challenges.  We have recipes to challenge you to create your own amazing projects.  A couple of scrapbook papers, a flower or two, perhaps a pinch of wood veneers. Who knows what you’ll find.

Join us over at the forum for all the delicious, creative recipes.

We start off with Focus Friday 2/1/13 Three Ingredients   By Tamara

Tamara asked us to use 3 ingredients to create our projects. They are simple but fantastic.
1. Use an inanimate object as your focus photo(s).
2. Use the color brown along with another color.
3. Make word strips for your journaling.

Here is her sample for this recipe.

On Sketchy Saturday 2/2/13 Chopped by Tammy

Tammy was inspired by the TV show Chopped on Food Network.  

On the show the chefs are given a mystery basket with several ingredients in it. The chefs have to create amazing food. Here Tammy has given you the super cool sketch by Creative Scrappers Blogspot along with 10 other mystery ingredients that she will assign to you.(They are from your stash but, she will tell you which ones to use). 

Possible List of Mystery Ingredients
1.  Buttons
2. Ribbon
3. Brads (reg. or mini)
4. Eyelets
5. Twine/Jute
6. Washi Tape
7. Shapes (circles, Squares, etc.)
8. Flowers
9. Distress Ink
10. Mists/Sprays/Splatter

 This way everyone who does this challenge will create something truly different.

Sketch by Creative Scrappers

Here is her Super Cool Sample. She used the sketch and these mystery ingredients: buttons, twine, shapes and mists.

On Inspiration Sunday 2/3/13 Food Photography by Cassy

Inspired by food photography and all the tricks of the trade that are used to capture a beautiful looking meal in a picture.  Cassy challenges us to create a project with 3 layers, 1 Polaroid and a camera embellishment. Also to make your embellishments pop.

She also provides a quick tutorial on how to make your Polaroid. Stop by the Cookin Up Creations forum for all the details.

A sample of a layered polaroid.

Here is her Amazing sample.

I hope that you will join us in the challenges and remember to post your creations in the gallery.

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