Thursday, April 28, 2011

B is for Bunny! And other fun stuff!

As a fledgling designer, it's kind of strange to be doing a reveal of one of my own kits. Wanda & Penny H created such gorgeous layouts - they're a tough act to follow, but here goes. This kit was inspired by springtime but still intended to be used for everday pages. This first one, spotlighting my little great nephew (is it great or grand, I'm never sure) and great niece on the occasion of her first visit to the Easter Bunny.

Next, poking a little fun at myself and my crazy hair, is me with my wonderful sister-in-law during a recent vacation that we took together. While the photos may not be the greatest, the memories sure are.

Each month I make a new desktop for my computer. Something that will make me smile! Here's my funny, DD with her friend's mouth on her phone. Came out pretty good!

And finally, my two little nephews playing in the sand during that same magnificent vacation.

Thanks so much for checking out my layouts. Happy scrappin'!
B is for Bunny is available (30% off all of April) at Scrapable if you want to capture your own memories!

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