Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello! My name is Tamara Reed, I am a wife of 33 years, a sister to nine siblings, a mother of two grown children and a grandmother to two darling grandchildren with the third on the way. I Live in South Jordan, Utah. I love it here where we can enjoy the mountains right in our own backyard, along with four beautiful seasons. I love to scrapbook and scrapbook and scrapbook! I scrapbook anything from the daily moments in our lives, to our travels and experiences that come our way, to the fun and silliness of my beautiful grandchildren. They are so photogenic, so cute and lovable and so happy all the time. I take their picture every chance I get and that is ALOT! LOL. I love to scrapbook with subtle colors, I generally use brown and any other color along with it. I feel like I am pretty much a shabby chic type scrapper. I love to ink everything. I just love the finished distressed look it completes my pages with. I love the 3-D look on my pages and have several albums that tell the story of my life. I have been a a dental office manager for the past 32 1/2 years for Dr. Norman Rounds. He is a great boss to work for and is very good to me. We are fortunate to have a cabin where we can run to on weekends for a great escape. I have a closet filled with scrap supplies there which gives me the opportunity to scrap without a care in the world. Sometimes we have crops up there with our friends. Being in the beauty of nature and being able to enjoy the peace and serenity it brings is truly a dream come true. I am so happy to continue sharing with you my passion and love of scrapbooking! Thanks to Tammy and Shawn for allowing me this opportunity. I LOVE Cookinup Creations! They are the perfect fit for me!

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