Monday, September 5, 2011

Make Up Monday -- Labor Day, September 5, 2011!

Happy Monday! 

I hope this Labor Day weekend is bringing you some fun, relaxation and maybe a chance to scrap a little. If you're looking for motivation, our Master Chef Challenge Team members certainly have provided that with the past week's Blue Plate Specials.

Our August challenges followed a "Back to School" theme; on Tuesday, August 30, Karen took us back to Art Design class with her border technique challenge and this lovely example:

We finished out the month on Wednesday, August 31 with Jo's "Paper Mache" challenge: to use newsprint or book pages on our layout. She gave us two examples, including this one:

Nicole kicked off our September "Famous Ladies" theme on Tutorial Thursday with Queen Elizabeth of England. Nic's jolly good tutorial was for a yarn rosette; her challenge was to use the word Queen in the title, a handmade flower and a crown on our page. Nic did that beautifully in this layout:

Sandy's Friday Focus was on fellow Alabaman Helen Keller, who learned about her world by feeling things in her hand. Sandy's challenge was all about adding textures to our project. Her own layout used corrugated stars to add that touchable texture:

Tamara's inspiration for Sketchy Saturday was Betsy Ross, the seamstress of the American flag. To celebrate Ms. Ross, Tamara challenged us to use flags or banners and gave us this lovely example:

We ended the week with Amy's Inspirational Sunday challenge featuring her favorite comedienne, Lucille Ball. Amy used an "I Love Lucy" promotional collage as the inspiration for her own  layout and challenged us to do the same. Hers turned out fantastic! 

You can check out all of these fun and mojo-motivating challenges in the Blue Plate Specials section on the Cookin' Up Creations Forum!

Have a great Labor Day Monday and a fantastic week!

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