Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Myth Busters! Technique Tuesday!

My family LOVES Myth Busters!!  Jamie and Adam would fit right in at our dinner table!  Even I would feel comfortable having them, I feel like they are old friends.  It was in fact at the dinner table a couple of Sundays ago that the subject of "tater guns" came up!  My boys just don't shoot little tater guns, no siree!  After a trip to Home Depot for PVC pipe, Walmart for the cheapest hairspray (gives the most bang for the buck!) and taters, it was back home and in shop to come up with this Big Gun!  By the Way, the taters that came out of this gun went so far that we never saw any of them land!  (I wonder if there is a law against this somewhere?)

I used sketch #210 from Nuts About Sketches to show our own little Myth Busters...Gosh I love these boys!  (That is my husband and sons.)  Sometimes Adam and Jamie (and my boys!) can get into some sticky situations so my challenge to you is to use Stickers today!  And to stay with the theme of Tec Tuesday I would like you to either layer something on them like I did with the date or to write on at least one of them.  So please use at least THREE stickers and either layer or write on at least one of them.  I'm looking forward to seeing your layout, if you do a double layout and each side has the required elements it counts as two!  You can also do either two cards or four atc.  Please point out where your stickers are on the page if they aren't easily identified!  So let's go girls!



  1. Very cool! My kids LOVE Mythbusters too. :) But I won't let them shoot anything or blow anything up. haha!

  2. What a great story!!! Love this show!!!

  3. I agree a neat, fun story. My husband and I also like the Myth Busters. A great way to your story with the lo challenge.

  4. never seen the show but it does sound funny!
    Great layout!!