Monday, April 5, 2010

Please Be Patient........

the Cookin' Up Creations forum is the process of switching servers so if you have tried logging into the forum and got a General Error we ask that you continue to be patient and bear with us while we make this move.  You, our members are very important to us and we don't want to lose you.  Hopefully, (fingers crossed) the site will be back up and running smoothly in the next few days.  Until then how 'bout a few challenges to keep those hands busy???  Sound good to you?

Please stay tuned for a new challenge from one of our talented design team members.



  1. Whew...Glad you updated us. I am having serious CUC withdrawals :) Can't wait for the site to be back up and running :)

  2. I'm with you on that one Sandy....not only am I having the withdrawal symptoms, the stress of the "not knowing when" right now is killing me! So much to do...

  3. Later tonight I will be posting my Jillibean DT reveal here on the blog and tomorrow I will be posting the Tuesday DT Challenge tomorrow. I am also missing all the CUC girls so I can't wait till we are back up and running!

  4. Whew....... so it's NOT my "ancient" computer??? I was starting to panic that I had been "banned" to a corner and that my CUC "fix" had been taken away from me as a very severe punishment, lol! Miss you ALL so much.