Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LOTW 10-20-10

Hi guys, Sandy here posting for Tamara.  This week it was her week to pick the layout of the week and I must say she picked an awesome one.

Here is what Tamara had to say about her pick:
I picked this layout for a lot of reasons.
1) It is a two page layout and most of the ones I do for my books are two page because I have so many photos.
2) I love the title in the banner hangers with glitz just like Vegas.
3) I love the fairy dust comment from the creator who was working with glitter.
4) I love how the first page compliments the 2nd page and flows so well.
5) I love the style of the papers and the Eiffel tower.
6) Just because!! :cheerleadergirl: 
And here is her pick:
It's titled Las Vegas and is by the wonderful Jen King

You can check out Jen's layout, as well as some other fabulous work by our members in the CUC Gallery right: HERE
We would love to see your work as well so feel free to join and start adding your work to the gallery.  Who knows, it could be chosen as pick of the week

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  1. Thanks Sandy for helping me! :) You are awesome. I do love this layout. Congratulations to Jen!!