Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet our May guest designer - Nic Brenna!

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to our CROP CHEF winner and guest designer for May, Nicole Brenna!

We're thrilled to have Nic joining our design team for the month. She will be offering Blue Plate Specials, participating in the blog hop and crop this week, and contributing to some of the design team reveals.

Here's a little more about Nic:

Where are you from?
I am originally from Orange County California, went to school in San Diego, got married lived in Oceanside for awhile, moved to Albuquerque New Mexico, moved from there to Bodø, Norway (which is above the Arctic Circle and home of the midnight sun)...that is where we are now!
When did you start scrapbooking and what brought you into it?
When I was little,  my mom had a scrapbook in her nightstand that she made when she was in High School... I use to sneak in there and look at the scrapbook whenever I could... I wanted one of my own so bad so at 8 years old (1986) I made a scrapbook about camp... years later I kept one for my high school memories... I have been scrapping ever sense with a brief break between 2008-2010... I remember when companies like Basic Grey and Prima started up....
What is your favorite thing about this craft?
I love that it is always changing and new products come out all the time... it fun because really anything goes...
What 3 items do you reach for most often?
My papercutter, paint, and buttons
What is your favorite paper manufacturer?
That is the hardest question to answer... because it is always changing... but as of today I think it is Webster Pages
What is your favorite color combo?
I love browns... and muted colors... and lately a lot of pink for some reason and I really dont like pink so I dont know what is going on
Is there someone in your family you think is following you creatively?
My daughter is only 3 and she is more creative than me... really she is going to be so talented. Even though she is so young... one of the funnest things to do together is scrap.
Besides scrapbooking, what do you enjoy doing?
Travelling, watching TV and I am quite the fisher woman too
What are some goals you have for yourself?
Exercise more... be a good role model for my daughter and others.... and not let the laundry over power me... it is a constant battle between me and the laundry... I will prevail
What are 3 things you would like to do someday?
Visit Greece, adopt another baby, move to England
What is the last book you have read?
One of Clive Cussler's books... my husband and I take turns reading them and talking about them
Who are some people who inspire you?
My mom and grandma
Do you have a blog?
Yeah it is Scrap Me This

Nic also graciously sent me some photos to share with you:

Nic and her family in Norway:

and in Scotland:

Her adorable daughter, Karianne, in traditional Norwegian dress:

The family pets:

and a gorgeous shot of the midnight sun in Norway:

Here's just a sampling of her beautiful and unique scrapping style:

You will find even more examples of her work in the CROP CHEF album and her personal album in the gallery. And look for exciting challenges and creations by Nic throughout May on the Cookin' Up Creations forum. 

Please join Tammy and the Design Team in welcoming Nic as Guest Designer this month!