Monday, October 8, 2012

Make Up Monday 10/8/2012

We started our new theme for October, "It's the '80's .... like, totally!) last Monday and have had a blast so far!

Here's what we have been doing:

On Tuesday, we celebrated the popular '80's sitcom -- and Jack Tanner's hidden secret that he LIKED girls -- with a challenge to hide something on our layout, cards or projects. Here's her layout:

On What's New Wednesday, Cassy urged us to "Express Yourself" (remember that Madonna song?) and to include a Polaroid-style frame on our project. Here's what Cassy made:

Remember the "mix tapes" we made of our favorite music during the '80's? Annie paid tribute to those by challenging us to use at least two washi tapes on our projects. Here's her example:

Annette brought us Friday's Focus, in which she recalled the plastic "jelly bracelets" that were popular in the 80's. She challenged us to use several rings -- NOT circles -- on our projects. Here is her example:

And on Saturday, Sandy took us down memory lane with a Rubik's cube challenge. She shared a sketch with 9 squares, like the Rubik's cube, and asked us to use it along with at least three of the six colors of the Rubik's cube. Here is her example:

We ended the week with Sunday's Inspiration, brought to us by Lisa and the movie "Pretty in Pink". She asked us to use black, white, and ... what else? ... PINK in our creation. Here is her layout:

To join us for our look back at the '80's, come to the Cookin' Up Creations forum! You will find a new Blue Plate Special challenge each day; and if you complete at least 15 of the October challenges by November 3, your name will be entered into the "Dessert Tray" prize drawing!

So .... put on your leg warmers and your head band, crank up your Walkman and come on over! Like, totally, for real .....

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