Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Up Monday

We've had some awesome challenges this past week.....hope you take a little time today to catch up on the ones you haven't done yet!!

Who doesn't love a good wedding? The brides are seem to glow as they walk down the aisle to say I do in their beautiful white gowns, but that's not why I chose this movie. I could say it was because it stars Andie McDowell - a Carolina girl like me. Yep, Andie was born in Gaffney, SC and studied at Winthrop before dropping out to become a model. I really liked her in this movie but I would have to say that my two favorite Andie films are Harrison's Flowers and Green Card. But enough about Andie McDowell. I'm sure by now you're ready to see what this weeks technique is so you can get on with the challenge. So without further ado.

Now you can make your very own corrugated letters by simply die cutting your letters and running them through your Fiskars Crimper. Here's a link to a photo tutorial I found over on the Coredination's Cardstock blog. ... ial-xyron/

And here's my layout.

Ogres are like onions...they have layers!!!

This is one of my favorite lines from Shrek!! There are so many new embellishments out there...and they all have layers!!

So my challenge is to use layers. Whether use a new purchased embellishment, you just layer a lot of papers or use a layered embellishment like my lollipop flowers, or use any combination of layers!!!

Welcome to Tutorial Thursday and my first challenge for Cookin Up Creations. Since our theme this month is Movies/Television I have chosen the PBS television show Victory Garden. I love flowers and this show does visit some fantastic gardens.

My challenge for you is to create a layout using at least one flower from this tutorial ... owers.html
I have three and I did use a medium weight pattern paper for my flowers, I created one with the middle stem flower and the other 2 have brads for the center.

Here is my example:

I loved the television show Sanford and Son when I was growing up. The characters were an older gentleman, Fred Sanford, and his son Lamont.Together they operated an antique and junk shop in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. They may have lived in a different area of the country, with a much different background than mine. But they had the same crazy relatives that every family seems to have, and I knew these people. They made me laugh every week.

The Sanfords knew about the value of things that may be considered junk or scrap. Today, I want to focus on those little scraps of patterned papers that all of us seem to accumulate and hold onto, and sometimes even board. Your challenge is to use up some of those scraps that you've been saving.

Here's a layout that I made using scraps from other projects. All of the papers and most of the other elements came as part of a kit.

Happy Saturday all. I hope that you all are enjoying our tv/movie marathon we have going on here at CUC right now.

This morning I'd like to take you back in time to the great decade of the 80's. A decade where some of the best movies ever were created. One of those being Pretty in Pink. So my challenge to you is:
1. to use the following sketch (created by me)
2. Use pink, it doesn't have to be a lot but does have to be visible
3. Show case some sort of relationship

So without further ado, your sketch (sorry it's a rough draft because I didn't have time to redo it on the computer):

Hey hey the movie I picked is none other than Yogi Bear, your favorite jelleystone attraction! hey boo boo are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin? I'd say we could get ourselves some awfully nice stuff there in these scrappers picnic baskets! What do you say we comfiscate what we can!

So are these two just a couple of silly ol bears? or what? My inspiration and challenge to you is to do a layout using silly photographs.
Last Thanksgiving while my brother was in France proposing to his new wife, I was tending his cutest little one and Grandpa is her favorite. Whenever they are together she always makes him hold I asked her where is Grandpa's eyes, nose, mouth? In this layout she is pointing to them.

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