Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cookin' up Creations and 2charm

If you ladies would like to recieve a free flipbook from 2charm just like the ones that the Design Team are using this month on the Cookin' up Creations website, then today is your lucky day....

Brendon from 2charm sent me this message....

TwoCharm Staff December 3 at 4:11am
I would like to extend our free flipbooks offer to anyone of your followers and/or site registrants that will come to and register. They don't need to pay the shipping if they go ahead and register and note that they found us on your site in the registration form. You can advertise that on your site as well if you would like.

How cool is this?? And when you register, it'll have a drop down menu as to how you found have to choose to recieve your free book....

The web address is: 2charm flipbooks

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