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Chef of the Month for October 2010 - Ronda Cayo

Cookin' Up Creations is pleased to announce that our "Chef of the Month" for October 2010 is our very own.....Ronda Mayo

Ronda is a fairly new member here, but since her registration, she has proven to be an extremely "jump right in" type of gal! She has some amazing talent, has joined in a challenges, a few swaps, and is even hosting one herself! She has even helped me out with the RAK List (thanks again for that)!! She's just an all around Outstanding Member here at Cookin' up Creations, and for that we'd like to thank her!! please help me Congratulate Ronda as our Chef of the Month for October 2010! And also be on the lookout for some Blue Plate Specials being posted by her during the month of October! Congratulations Ronda!

Short Bio:
I am Ronda… a complicated sort without much to say about myself. With the exception of a 10 year stint in Miami, I have lived in SW Michigan most of my life. I love the 4 seasons, all the fresh fruits and vegetables that we grow, Lake Michigan in the summertime and having the wilderness close by. I am a strong and independent woman; and some may say to a fault but I am pretty analytical and try to choose my words wisely most of the time. I have a pretty good sense of humor with a lot of love in my heart and possess an adventurous side.

What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?
There are two things that I enjoy about scrapbooking… 1.) I love all photographs. As a child, I have many fond memories of looking through all my grandmother’s boxes of photos and when I am working on a layout, I am trying my best to create something that draws the eye to that photo first and then the rest of the layout after. 2.) I love the serenity that it gives me. I am a busy woman and this hobby gave me solitude, which was once very difficult for me to find.

Do you have a scrapbooking style? If so, describe it for us.
I probably do and don’t know what to call it. (LOL) I just really like to scrapbook. I don’t know if I have ever lifted a thing… I see pages that other people have done that I like and I try technique or two and I may say I am going to lift something but I always twist it into my own creation. People ask all the time… how do you plan out a layout? I always say, I never have a plan. I start with photos and chose the rest one thing at a time until I am happy with the result.

What are some of your current favorite products to use?
Well, truthfully, there aren’t many products that I don’t like. Probably my favorite tool is my cutter. I am fussy about straight lines and have struggled with finding one that cuts as straight as I want. The newest cutter I have is a Fiskars and I LOVE it. I have never had one that cuts as straight. Some of my favorite manufacturers are Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, October Afternoon, and Bo Bunny. You will see many of my layouts done in their lines but I like many others as well. I have a weak spot for embellishments and I don’t know if any of my friends have as many as I do!

What are some things that inspire you?
I get scrapbook inspiration from many different places. It could be an event, person, or a memory of something but photographs are my inspiration most of the time, as I love them all. Today, it seems that my grandchildren are the ones that give me the most inspiration!

Tell us about your scrapbook space.
Well, I am embarrassed about that at the moment! I used to have one whole room, and then it was condensed into a smaller room. The embarrassing part is that it is so unorganized at the moment. I am working on improving that but it takes so much time!

*trunk of Ronda's car :)

What do you do for a living?
It is kind of hard to explain but I work in and love manufacturing. I am the quality person that everybody loves to hate because I am the one that says yes it can ship, or no it can’t. Keep in mind that there are many aspects to the quality issues in manufacturing today and I have worked within many of the various aspects. Years ago, I started out working within the Color and Design Interior Trim Team with Ford Motor Company and during the mid 90’s if you had an Escort, F150 Truck or a Taurus; the color of the interior was coordinated by me. Today, I work in a steel treating company that specializes in coatings. I once had a supervisor that believes it is easier to tell people that we work in a laboratory testing the safety of children’s Teddy Bears!

What would be your perfect day?
A shower, a cup of coffee, a couple of hours on the beach, a little shopping or antiquing, a family cook out that includes fresh picked corn on the cob and an ice cold ripe watermelon! Play a little with my grandkids, nieces and nephews, laugh with my children, and wind down in my chair and ottoman with a pile of little dogs on my lap.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Probably scrapbooking, antique jars, chocolate and whatever my grandchildren want!

What is the one thing you would like to learn that is not scrapbook related?
I would LOVE to learn to fly so I can go anywhere I want, when I want…

What’s your current ringtone?
Vibrate (LOL) My phone rings all the time, and I hate to be the one that everyone looks at when it rings!

Favorite Song?
WOW – That is a loaded question. I love music and probably blues are my favorite so I will answer that by saying that any song that has been done by Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn… is definatly my favorite. Everything else is second best!
Current Favorite Movie ~ Don’t have one. I don’t have the ability to remember movie titles and or actor’s names. It’s best not to try to answer this one with any intelligence!

Do you have a favorite Layout?
No, I really don’t… If I had to pick one it would probably be of my daughter and it is the sentiment that I favor, not necessarily the layout. Her birthday is September 11 and on the day of the bombing, it was her 10th birthday. We visited ground zero a couple of years later. It still makes the hair stand on the back of my neck. We did not spend much time there at all because it was so difficult for us to see. We were only there long enough to take a couple of photos. In this layout, I mixed photos of ground zero with photos of her; all done in B&W and for this reason, I chose the title. “On Sept. 11, I had YOU!”

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